PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Michael Dodunski
The big award of the night went to the HBHS skipper, but click below to see all our 2017 prize-giving winners.
Held at the HBHS hall, 3rd May.

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About Hamilton Cricket Assoc

The Hamilton Cricket Association (HCA) is the organisation managing all club, school and Hamilton district representative cricket in the Hamilton region.

One of six District Associations that make up the Northern Districts Cricket Association, Hamilton has a history spanning back to the 1800s. While Hamilton township was first formed in 1864, cricket in the Waikato region already existed, and by December of that year a local cricket club was mooted.

Although a number of changes occurred to the structure of cricket in the region over the following 110 years, it continued to develop and flourish. A designated association for Hamilton was formed in 1899, and in September 1911 a ‘South Auckland Cricket Association’ was incorporated to the New Zealand Cricket Council.

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