Q: Where can I find my ground?
A: Under the Junior & Secondary tab there is an option called find my ground which provides a step by step tutorial (with pictures) indicating where to find ground information.

Q: How do we know if cricket is cancelled?
A: Under the club and junior & secondary tab there is a cancelation and default tab which will be updated in the event of cancellations. Alternatively, we will notify everyone of cancellations via the Hamilton Facebook Page.

Q: Do Hamilton supply the cricket balls?
A: No, schools and clubs are responsible for supplying their own cricket balls which are different requirements for each grade.

Q: Where do we buy the cricket balls from?
A: All cricket equipment required for HCA competitions can be purchased from Cricket Express Hamilton.

Q: Are you able to live score games without PlayHQ admin rights?
A: No, the Club or School admin need to add you with E-Scoring admin rights.

Q: How do I upload the match to PlayHQ?
A: At the completion of the innings you must select “end innings” before you upload the fixture. The innings will not automatically end.