As the second half of the season is now underway, HCA would like to provide all stakeholders with an update on recent developments since December 2019.


All staff appointments have been made and all positions are now in place All contact information is available on the HCA website;


HCA would like to remind players, parents, spectators, clubs and schools that at all times, respect must be shown to opposition members, officials, spectators, general public and community/council facilities. NZC Game On Resource highlights some key elements to achieving this, which are highlighted below.

Please note that any complaints or feedback regarding competitions at either junior, youth or senior level should be communicated directly to

Prize Givings – Junior & Youth (Combined), Senior

As the end of the season approaches, so too does the Prize Giving/Awards night. Please note that finer details or dates and venues are still being confirmed, but information will be available in early March 2020.

Annual General Meeting

HCA is also finalising the date for the Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for all Clubs to nominate and elect members of the HCA Board. Further details regarding the AGM will be sent out within the next two months.

HCA Website & Facebook page:

The HCA website continues to develop to meet the needs of our local cricket community. New information now available is listed below, but please feel free to browse the website and provide any additional content suggestions to please contact NDCA at

See the programmes and opportunities available free to your schools to increase and encourage participation.

Updates to Junior and Secondary School Cricket information, including information on how to locate your ground of play through CricHQ.

Updates regarding Junior & Secondary Cancellations & Defaults. For further information, please contact NDCA at

The draws are now available on CricHQ which allows live scoring and teams to enter the match results directly.

With a number of new staff and roles, the contact list has been updated to ensure an enquiry can be dealt with as directly and quickly as possible.

There are regular updates and information being posted on the HCA facebook page regarding upcoming events and general community engagements.

The website will continue to be updated throughout the year and we would welcome any suggestions for information which would be useful to our cricket community.

Office Location:

The HCA office at Waikato University has closed, with all staff now based at Seddon Park.

General Queries:

Should you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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